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Cracking the fruit code: Debunking myths related to fruits

Words travel fast – when it comes to usual gossip or health advice. You may hear people giving you some or the other health advice, and the next thing you know you are following it blindly – without doing your due diligence. One such health advice in the list has to do with fruits – that you should not eat them at night. Well, not just that but there has been a lot of talking about the right time to eat fruits. Some say you should eat them on an empty stomach, or you must not have them for dinner, and so on and so forth. 

So, in between a lot of assertions, what really is the truth? Well, let’s find out. 

Myth 1: You shouldn’t eat fruits at night 

Tell people that you are planning to have fruits for dinner, and they’ll say it’s not good for your health. The word is around that fruits may cause digestive issues and disrupt your sleep. But is that true? Not so much. 

While having a heavy meal close to bedtime can affect your digestive processes and sleep, the same cannot be said for fruits. Fruits are light and easily digestible. In fact, some fruits can improve sleep. These include bananas, apricots and dates. They are rich in potassium and magnesium which can promote relaxation and prevent night time cramping. 

Myth 2: You should eat fruit on an empty stomach 

You must have heard it most of the time. As per the claims, you must eat fruit on an empty stomach because if you consume it any other time, it may cause discomfort and harm your digestive processes. There is no scientific evidence that authenticates the claims. So, whether you eat fruit on an empty stomach, or consume it any other time, it won’t matter. What matters is that you are feeding your body with good nutrients when you are consuming fruits. Fruits are good for health and rich in various nutrients essential for the body. 

Myth 3: You should not consume a fruit before or after meals 

Once again, the time doesn’t matter. It’s okay if you eat fruits before or after a meal. As per claims, when you eat fruits before or after a meal, you won’t be getting any nutritional value. 

Truth be told,  your body is more efficient than you give it credit for. It is efficient when it comes to extracting nutrients from food, including fruits. Remember your intestines have a function,  i.e., to absorb as many nutrients as possible. It has a huge absorption area that can easily digest nutrients from fruits, regardless of when you eat them or along with other meals. 

Myth 4: As a diabetic, you should not eat fruits with a meal 

There is no denying that meal timings matter for diabetic patients, but there’s no scientific evidence that says the same about fruits. This myth centres around the idea that fruits can affect digestion for diabetic patients, due to co-occurring digestive problems.

But if we are speaking facts, you must know that there is no scientific evidence that suggests that you should consume fruits separately. 

Instead of eating fruits separately, diabetic patients can benefit from pairing fruits with foods that are rich in protein, fats and fibre. These nutrients can help slow down the release of food into the small intestine, making the body absorb smaller amounts of sugar at a time, and preventing significant blood sugar spikes. The soluble fibre content in these fruits can also be beneficial for diabetic patients. Additionally, eating fruits with meals can also prevent overeating as you may feel fuller. 

Alternatively, you must have heard that diabetics should not consume fruits. It’s not true. It is the processed sugar that diabetic patients must not consume, not the healthy sugar present in fruits. 

Closing thoughts

So, there you have it – the fruit myths demystified. Whether it’s the timing of your fruity indulgence or concerns about diabetes, the myths have been sliced and diced. Remember, enjoying fruits at night won’t give you nightmares, and you can munch on them with or without an empty stomach. Diabetic or not, fruits can still be your allies, especially when paired strategically with other nutrients. So, the next time someone tries to tell you a myth about fruit-eating rules, you can confidently enlighten them. It’s time to savour the truth and embrace fruits for a healthier future.

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