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Reasons why you may have gained weight overnight

Picture this. You began taking care of your health and fitness. You’re now on a diet, exercising 5 days a week, keeping your distance from junk food. You’re doing everything right.  You measured your weight on the scale just the night before. It was as it was supposed to be. But then, the next day, it increased. Now you’re wondering how it’s even possible. You did everything right. Then how come you gained weight overnight? 

Overnight weight gain is more common than you think. There are several reasons why you might have gained weight overnight. But there is no need for you to panic. You can take a sigh of relief as this weight gain may not be what it looks like. 

We’ll be telling you more about it. So, stay tuned and read along. 

You may have consumed a high amount of sodium 

Most of the time, the scale measures extra water weight. It may not always be the fat that you’re gaining. The extra water weight may be a result of high sodium intake. Sodium promotes the retention of a large volume of water. It is a natural process which happens when the body tries to keep its sodium-to-water ratio balanced, which is essential for the proper functioning of the body. 

You must have consumed alcohol 

Do you feel bloated after drinking alcohol, especially beer? The bloating may cause you to gain weight overnight. Just so you know consumption of alcohol causes dehydration in the body. As a result, the body begins retaining water. The effect stays until liquor has been completely processed by the body. Not to mention, even alcohol is added to calories. Hence, excessive alcohol consumption means increased calorie intake, especially when it is consumed with sugary mixers. 

Crash dieting 

Are you following a keto diet or any other kind of diet which requires you to limit carbs and survive on boiled veggies? Well, what good does this kind of restriction do when you can gain weight overnight? Crash diets may give you fast results, but those results are not sustainable. It means you cannot stick to such low-calorie diets forever. You will hit a sabbatical, and when you do, the increased carbohydrate intake (even moderate) will cause weight gain. 

Not to mention, when you go back to your normal diet, the stored carbohydrates along with water in the body will reveal themselves as sudden overnight weight gain. 

Lack of sleep 

Been up all night because you had to watch a movie, study or work? Whatever your reasons are for staying awake and compromising sleep, you must note that it may affect your weight the next morning. 

You’re most likely to binge on high-calorie snacks with an excess amount of salt, such as chips or popcorn, that may cause water retention in the body. So, the takeaway is that while lack of sleep may not cause you to gain weight overnight directly, it may lead to weight gain indirectly and eventually.


Been stressed lately because of work or any other personal reason? Stress may show on the body in terms of weight gain. You must know that stress can cause an increase in cortisol levels which affect water retention in the body. Consequently, you may gain water weight overnight.  

You may be on your periods 

You may hate your menstruation cycle already, so we thought of giving you one more reason to hate it even more. Turns out, your menstruation cycle may be the reason why you gained weight overnight. Your period cycle, gut health issues and hormonal fluctuations that come with it can cause water retention in the body. Hence, you may think you’ve gained weight. However, you can be rest assured that this added weight will go back to normal once your periods are over. 

You did a strenuous workout

Who knew your workout could be the culprit? So, what does this mean? Should you stop your workout since it’s doing more harm than good? 


Observing weight gain after a workout is natural. But it’s just water weight. Your body will compensate for the water you lost during the workout with more water retention.  Not to mention, your body recovers from micro-tears and stress on your muscles, which may also be why you’ve gained weight overnight. 

You’ve not pooped

The toxins that you hold in your body do hold some weight. So, if you have not pooped, you will see the added weight on the scale. Always make it a rule to use the scale on an empty stomach and after pooping. While you are at it, ensure you’re measuring weight every now and then at the same time. 

Closing thoughts 

No need to panic. It’s okay. Sudden weight gain is okay, it may also mean that you’re doing everything right. Remember,  there are some aspects of the body you cannot control entirely, such as water retention. So be at peace with it. A slight weight gain wouldn’t be the end of the world. You’re still amazing the way you are.

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