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Mystery Surrounding Dawood Ibrahim’s Poisoning Raises Global Concerns

In a shocking turn of events, notorious criminal and fugitive Dawood Ibrahim, long believed to be residing in Pakistan, is suspected to have been poisoned on December 15, 2023, with his demise officially confirmed on December 17. The circumstances surrounding his death have raised eyebrows globally, especially as the Pakistani press remains tight-lipped, and internet services in the country were allegedly suspended to prevent the world from learning about the incident.

Dawood Ibrahim: A Brief Overview

Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian underworld don, had been on the run for decades, accused of various crimes, including his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bombings. For years, he had found refuge in Pakistan, allegedly under the protection of certain elements within the Pakistani establishment. His criminal empire extended across borders, making him one of the most wanted men in India.

The Poisoning Incident

Details surrounding Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged poisoning remain shrouded in mystery. The exact circumstances, the identity of the perpetrator, and the motive behind the poisoning are yet to be unveiled. Speculation is rife about potential internal power struggles or external forces seeking justice for his notorious criminal activities.

Internet Shutdown in Pakistan

The Pakistani government’s decision to suspend internet services following the reported poisoning has fueled speculation and conspiracy theories. Critics argue that this move was aimed at concealing the fact that Pakistan was providing refuge to one of India’s most wanted criminals. The internet blackout prevented the spread of information and hindered global awareness of the incident.

Global Response

The global community has closely monitored the situation, expressing concerns about the lack of transparency from the Pakistani government. Questions have been raised about the accountability of state authorities in sheltering a wanted criminal and the need for an international investigation into Dawood Ibrahim’s death.

Wikipedia Update

Adding to the intrigue, the Wikipedia page of Dawood Ibrahim has been updated to reflect his alleged poisoning and subsequent demise. The update, done by an anonymous user, claims that the criminal mastermind succumbed to poisoning by an unknown assailant. However, the information has not been corroborated by official sources, and the Pakistani press remains silent on the matter.

Pakistani Media Silence

The absence of coverage in the Pakistani media has fueled speculation about the government’s involvement and its efforts to control the narrative. Critics argue that the lack of transparency raises concerns about the country’s commitment to combating transnational crime and terrorism.


The poisoning and subsequent death of Dawood Ibrahim have unveiled a complex web of intrigue, leaving more questions than answers. The global community watches closely as the circumstances surrounding his demise unfold. The lack of transparency from the Pakistani government raises serious concerns about accountability and the need for international cooperation in addressing transnational criminal activities. As the world awaits further developments, the mystery surrounding Dawood Ibrahim’s poisoning continues to captivate the attention of both the public and policymakers alike.



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