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Over 370 terrorists arrested, Rs 1,300 crore drugs seized in Manipur in 2 years

By Saraswat Kashyap: The security forces and the state government in Manipur have intensified efforts to ensure sustainable peace with all out drives against proscribed underground groups in the state that are now desperately fighting to survive.

This comes amid a massive crackdown on these groups, widespread arrests and surrenders by the cadres, along with seizures of contraband, including narcotics.

The success of the security forces in Manipur can be measured by the fact that in the last two years, there have been approximately 370 arrests of people belonging to various underground groups.

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In addition, as many as 90 terrorists have surrendered before the security forces due to people-friendly operations and good institutional measures by the state after the surrenders.

Notable among these is the complete domination of the People’s Liberation Army of Manipur (PLA), which saw a significant surrender and arrests of over 100 cadres – the largest amongst all the terrorist organisations.

On the other hand, the recovery and seizure of contraband, including narcotics, estimated to be valued at Rs 1,300 crore, have given a much-needed impetus towards blocking the finances of these groups.

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