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Seat reserved for women, 45-year-old Congress leader finds a bride for himself within 45 hours

By India Today News Desk: He was 45 and single. But the decision to reserve the Rampur Municipal seat for women made its current president, Mamun Khan, find a bride for himself, and that, too, within 45 hours.

Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur Municipal Council President, Mamun Shah Khan, announced that he would be tying the knot after he found out that the post had been reserved for women.

This isn’t unusual. How men continue to be the de facto village pradhans from seats reserved for women by getting their wives elected has been highlighted in the OTT series Panchayat.

Khan, who is perceived to be the flag-bearer of the Congress in Rampur Nagar for the last three decades, announced his plans to get hitched to continue with his political career.

The 45-year-old Congress leader reportedly fixed his marriage within 45 hours of him realising that the seat had been reserved for women.

This came after an election for municipal president was announced. The last date for nomination is April 17, and Khan’s date of marriage has been fixed for Saturday, April 15.

In fact, Mamun Shah Khan was seemingly determined not to get married and was keen on contesting for the election himself until a reservation for women was announced.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, Mamoon Shah Khan said that the preparations for both the municipal elections and his marriage, were underway and because the seat had been mandated for a woman, he was compelled to announce his marriage.

He said, “People wanted me to contest elections, so I am forced to get married now… My marriage is on the 15th and Inshallah my wife will come to contest the elections… Which party to fight with? It has not been decided yet, but it is certain that I will contest the elections, see the decorations for the wedding made… the atmosphere is created… there is a spirit to serve… the women’s seat of the municipality has been done.”



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