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Ashwin applauds Harshal’s courage to go for last-over runout in RCB vs LSG thriller

Ravi Bishnoi dared, Harshal Patel erred and that made the difference as the frantic final over drew to its conclusion at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Monday.

Needing one run off the final delivery, Bishnoi, the non-striker, stepped out of his crease before Patel had bowled the delivery. Patel saw the chance of a run-out but was too late in executing the plan. Bishnoi survived.

He completed a bye eventually when the delivery was completed and Lucknow Super Giants defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by one wicket.

Ravichandran Ashwin, who made headlines in IPL 2019 with a similar dismissal of Jos Buttler, though, was pleased that Patel went for the run-out.

“I’m glad that a bowler had the courage, and I wish more would do it,” Ashwin said about Patel’s attempt at an event on Tuesday.

“All I see – if one ball and one to win – the non-striker is definitely going to (steal a run). And I would stop every time and run a batter out,” he added.

Opinions on the non-striker’s run-out have been divided, with former cricketers like Nasser Hussain calling it an unsportsmanlike way to get a wicket. In September 2022, Deepti Sharma drew flak for running Charlie Dean out at the non-striker’s end in a women’s ODI.

“The rules of the game bind you within the laws, and whatever you do within that to win a game of cricket is completely fair,” Ashwin said.

Speaking on the Impact Player rule, the India and Rajasthan Royals all-rounder said that though the change brings greater flexibility, the teams are still learning how to optimally utilize it.

“Too new to comment on it, but I feel, as of now, it’s giving a lot of flexibility. Even in the preparations, usually, 11 cricketers prepared for a game, but now they’re 16. I think cricketers as they learn to adapt to that, you will see better usage of impact sub,” said Ashwin.



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